What are my rights?

Apart from the right to legal advice, you also have the right to have someone notified of your arrest. This is not the same as having the right to make a phone call. You are also entitled to consult a copy of the Codes of Practice, this sets out in greater detail what your rights are and what the police can do whilst you are detained. 

What will happen to me whilst I am there? 

The main reason for detaining someone is to “obtain evidence by questioning”.  They will spend some time gathering evidence and then they will formally interview you about the allegation, which is usually tape recorded. 

A decision will then be made as whether there is sufficient evidence to charge you with an offence. A decision will then be made if you should be released. 

The police could:

  • Notify you that they are taking no further action against you.
  • Bail you again to a future date in order to complete their enquiries.
  • Charge you with an offence.
  • Summons you for an offence. 

If you are charged with an offence then you will either be bailed to attend the local Magistrates Court at a future date, or kept in custody to appear before the next available Magistrates Court.  Our representatives can make representations to the custody sergeant and may be able to persuade them to grant you bail.