Police Station Representation

Some of the most important decisions made in relation to a case are made at the police station. 

You are not obliged to say anything to the police and we advise all clients to maintain their right to silence until they speak with us. 

If you are under arrest, Zamir Legal Consultancy will: 

  • Protect your legal rights.
  • Give you expert advice before your police interview.
  • Allow representations to be made against any charge.
  • Allow representations to be made in support of bail.
  • Will NOT increase the length of time you are in police custody.  

You are entitled to have a solicitor present free of charge at any police interview. This is true for even the most trivial offences, e.g. a minor shop theft, assault, or damage. You should never agree to be interviewed without legal representation.

A friend or relative of someone detained at a police station may be able instruct us on their behalf.

You may have been arrested and taken directly to a station. If so you should be notified of the reasons for your arrest and the custody officer must notify you that you are entitled to independent legal advice, free of charge.

Zamir Legal Consultancy can provide you with advice and assistance at any Police Station, free of charge, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Recently the police seeking to cut costs/improve efficiency have started interviewing some suspects as a volunteers at their homes for minor offences.  In our experience this is often to sideline suspects seeking legal representation.  Suspects are still eligible for free legal representation when interviewed by a police constable under caution outside of the police station.

The police often try to persuade you not to be represented and will use a variety of tactics, the most common of which is to tell you that you will be held in custody for many hours if you choose to have a solicitor, as you will have to wait for them. THIS IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE. 

The Legal Aid Agency (LAA) requires us to attend the police station within 45 minutes of being notified by the police that they are ready to interview you. We are usually available to attend within minutes. 

If you request our assistance, we will attend the police station promptly; obtain information from officer about the evidence and why they are holding you. We will then be able to have a private consultation with you BEFORE you have to answer any questions about the reason for your arrest.  NOTE that anything you say to the police MAY BE USED IN EVIDENCE.

For example if you were to admit to an offence in interview but then the victim doesn’t wish to prosecute you, you could still be charged with, and convicted of the offence. This is particularly the case with domestic incidents. 

Have you been asked to go in voluntarily or by appointment? 

This is a common procedure that the police will adopt. They are still likely to try and persuade you against having legal representation.

They may say you don’t need a solicitor, and they may not tell you in advance that when you get to the police station they will treat you as a suspect and possibly arrest you, and search you. 

If you are to be treated as a suspect and interviewed under caution then you are still entitled to have a solicitor FREE of charge (even if that interview to take place outside of the police station at your home or place of arrest).

In this situation it would be preferable to make arrangements in advance for us to be in attendance with you, however if you hadn’t done this then you could still request for us to be contacted forthwith for us to attend at short notice.

The police should either give you an opportunity to contact us personally, even possibly re-arrange the appointment, or if they arrest you, then they should contact us on your behalf (see the above procedure).